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Suffered from Depression and Anxiety

For years I have suffered from depression and anxiety, For the past four years I have tried exercise and massage therapy to assist with the stress that is associated with these ailments. My massage therapist finally told me that I would not even relax on the table and that I really needed to try acupuncture. She recommended Dr. McDonald. After some research and gaining the nerve, I had my first appointment. Dr. McDonald fully goes over the process in your intake. He explains everything thoroughly and truly listens to your concerns without casting judgement. My first session was amazing, as soon as Dr. McDonald treated point zero, I had sensations down my entire body. For the first time in years, I felt as if my shoulders were not above my ears and I was not clenching my jaw.

My second session, I was able to lay on the table and actually had muscles jumping as I relaxed and even drifted into a nap. I am so pleased that Dr. McDonald was referred to me and I have been preaching acupuncture to everyone I know since my first session. I have also had some concerns with my adrenal glands. Most Western medicine does not recognize adrenal fatigue, but when Dr. McDonald took my biometrics (Chinese Pulses), he immediately commented that I am adrenal deficient and we are working on a solution.

The most important thing to note is that Dr. McDonald listens, places no judgment, and cares for his patients. He spends time getting to know you and not rushing you out the door for the next patient. I highly recommend Dr. McDonald.

—-Andrea Newsom—-

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