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I am able to continue to do the work that I love as a hands on Chiropractor!

I would like to recommend Dr. Mel McDonald. I have known Dr. Mel for several years and have recently needed acupuncture for a previous Rotator Cuff injury. I tore one muscle in my shoulder about 10 years ago, I had an MRI to confirm, I chose not to have surgery due to my beliefs and trust in natural healing methods. I recently had an exacerbation of that old injury causing difficulty doing my job which is quite physical. Dr. Mel patiently and gently worked with me, I tend to have needling anxiety but get great results especially with Dr. Mel’s very detailed expertise. I find and believe Dr. Mel is a godly man which I find important to any healing method. My right shoulder girdle was inflamed in pain 90% of the time with pain going into the whole arm. Today my discomfort level is nearer to 15% and is much more manageable with natural pain relievers and exercise which was nearly impossible and close to frozen when this episode began several months ago. The important part of this testimony to Dr. Mel’s gift to this healing modality is that I am able to continue to do the work that I love as a hands on Chiropractor.

—-Dr. Rhonda R. Mills—-
River of Life Chiropractic, Inc.

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