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Dr. Mel McDonald, ND, DAOM, LAc

Xuejiao (Jo) Feng, MAOM, LAc



I am able to continue to do the work that I love as a hands on Chiropractor!

I would like to recommend Dr. Mel McDonald. I have known Dr. Mel for several years and have recently needed acupuncture for a previous Rotator Cuff injury. I tore one muscle in my shoulder about 10 years ago, I had an MRI to confirm, I chose not to have surgery due to my beliefs and trust in natural

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I Must Say, I Consider Dr. McDonald My General Practitioner

I have been going to Dr. McDonald for many years and so has my family. I have never been to him with a problem or concern that he could not help alleviate. Dr McDonald has utilized his vast knowledge of the human body to help me with physical problems, such as, back pain, arthritis, hormonal changes, also histamine

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Suffered from Depression and Anxiety

For years I have suffered from depression and anxiety, For the past four years I have tried exercise and massage therapy to assist with the stress that is associated with these ailments. My massage therapist finally told me that I would not even relax on the table and that I really needed to try acupuncture. She recommended Dr.

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Help for My Son’s Anxiety and ADHD Symptoms

Dr. McDonald was referred to me by a friend. I was looking for some help for my son’s anxiety and ADHD symptoms. My son has struggled with anxiety for several years now. We have tried prescription drugs and they just seem to make him very agitated. Since he has started seeing Dr. McDonald for acupuncture treatments he has

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